Why is a Great Teacher?


How does one know your teachers have influenced you? It’s whenever you still read, study, and discover regarding their subjects even if your semester was over. I have got a number of good and great teachers. I have learned to grow from them. Their teachings are resonating. These were etched i believe and produced an indelible mark.

The influence of the great teacher is reverberating. It is not only for millenniums, however for eternity. The outcome is deep. Like a Chinese proverb states: “each day having a great teacher may be worth a 1000 years alone.” I am glad I’ve had individuals teachers who cut small amount of time making me learned stuff that I possibly could have discovered inside a century approximately. Due to them, life’s shortness was offset by understanding, freedom from ignorance.

I didn’t study education formally. However, I understand we are teachers within our own way. Learning happens more often than not. Why? Because learning is change. Change poses something totally new. If we are faced using the challenges that existence brings, we’re introduced to new situations where we’re able to learn. We make new friends, make new decisions, complex or simple that may affect our way of life for eternity. We grow from them. Teachers change our mindsets. They take the brain to greater levels where we have never been before. To a different degree of understanding. They take us to a different incompetence to create us competent. So when we become competent, they take us again to a different degree of incompetence.