Thoughts of Mr. Koh, The Economics Tutors


Writing satisfies me. My difference from other writers is that my writing is aimed at a specific point and I conduct researches before writing it down. Maybe this is the reason I do not have an online blog.

In fact, I joined Twitter in the first month of 2013, and that too was only to provide some news feeds and consultancy to my students of Economics tuition.

My writing style

I write only when I should which might be a morale booster for many of students to score in the GCE examinations of A-level coming soon.

My writing style is unique because I am a writer who is not self-professed. I owe everything to my H3-equivalent Economics or S Paper.

I have 14 university awards which I got while a student of economics and two consecutive wins in essay writing of economics on an international level.

I am telling all this not to give an impressive impression, but I want to tell the readers that it is not impossible to write a good piece. It takes time but it is completely possible for anyone to write an essay that will give a complete distinction grade in any A-level exams.

My parachute concept approach and risk-based approach are my distinctions while I am at teaching at economics tutors.

Parachute approach

It is common knowledge that the syllabus for economics is very dense. The parachute concept actually divides every chapter into simple main topics which I call umbrella concepts and they cover the complete chapter in different parts. Then combined, these umbrellas can be taken as a parachute and the whole chapter is covered in an easier way. This method saves time for the students and also fulfills some important requirements of skills for students.

For instance, 3 parachute concepts will cover the wider range of concepts on the topic of market structure. They are performance, behavior, and features.


I have made a mnemonic to help the students memorize half a dozen salient features of any market structure. I call it BICEPS. This has been used multiple times in the book as well.


This second parachute concept covers some other concepts like price discrimination, price rigidity, price competition, and non- price competition.


By analysis of the performance of structure of a market from a firm and also from the point of view of a consumer, we go towards a discussion involving other salient concepts like EOS (economies of scale), consumer surplus, revenue benefit and some form of efficiency.

In the economics tuition classes, some examples on which we will work will be included in order to demonstrate the parachute concepts in action. All the students of A Level Economics are invited to attend the classes and feel the difference which is made by the parachute concept approach.