The MP Government’s budget and the benefits


Madhya Pradesh Finance Minister Jayant Malaiya presented State’s budget for 2018-19. The budget is focused on health, agriculture, employment and education. This is the last budget before the Assembly State Election, 2018. The election is expected to take place in November-December 2018.

The Economic Survey of the State of Madhya Pradesh was tabled recently. It revealed that production in agriculture has dropped in 2017-18 compared to the last year. It may be the main cause for the worry of the government. Though the state was awarded “Krishi Karman Award” for the success in agriculture production continuously for five years, this year the agriculture production has decreased.

After agreeing to Agrawal Pay Commission’s recommendation, the State Government of MP had given Independence Day gift to the Government employees by revamping the rates of house rent allowance, conveyance allowance, Reserved Area allowance, non-professional allowance, free residential facility, transport allowance. Apart from that, the State government had also accepted the proposal about the pension calculation as per the Index of the Central Government.

From November, 2011, the State Government employees got the benefit of the revised rates of rent of Government quarters in the reserved areas, house rent allowance, non-commercial allowance. Due to the acceptance of that recommendation, the MP Government bore Rs.500 crore as its annual expenditure.

Free of cost residential facility

Previously Rs.200-800 was paid as a rental allowance of MP Govt job employees such as Department’s superintendents, deputy foresters, inspectors, foresters, forest guards, chief wardens, constables of police, sub-inspectors, Vanpals, head constables, Jail deputy superintendents, matrons and wardens. With the effect of increased rates, the house rent allowance has been paid equal to pay scale, as per the eligibility criteria of the employee as 2054/-.

Eligibility for air travel

In the earlier years, officers to the secretary were eligible for air travel. But, presently officers Grade A pay have also been eligible for air travel. Besides Grade A, Grade Pay Rs.6600/- officers are also eligible for air travel.

Lodging allowance

Now the employees who stay at the hotel are provided with Rs.500-4000 per day outside the state whereas previously the lodging allowance was Rs.200-3000. Earlier Rs.100-250 was provided for staying at relative’s home. But now, Rs.200-400 is given for the same. Within the state Rs.250-2000 is given for lodging within the state. Previously the facility was available only for Class-I officers.

Vehicle allowance

Motorcar vehicle allowance rate has been revamped. Previously Rs.300-800 was given to the            MP Govt Job employees, but now it has been increased to Rs.750-2000. Other conveyance source allowances have been revamped to Rs.300-700 from Rs.100-230.

Local conveyance during the tour

Conveyance reimbursement has been increased from Rs.100-1000 to Rs.150-1200. Rs.50-250 was given for conveyance arranged by employee previously.

House rent allowance in reserved areas

Employees who were posted in the reserved areas were given with house rent allowance as              Rs.22-126. Now the same has been increased and they get 1% more house rent allowance than the employees situated in the general areas.

As described above, the Madhya Pradesh government has been doing many revamps for the state government employees and the same will be continued. If you are an MP Govt Job aspirant, then focus on your studies to attain all the benefits.