Career Options For MBA Graduates in the Finance Industry


 Earning an MBA degree is no easy feat; after all, it serves as a training for one of the most responsible roles in the world. On completing their course, MBA graduates join companies in core functional roles that help in running the business of the company. There are a plethora of opportunities in the finance industry for MBA graduates and especially those who have done specialisation in finance.

The main reason why the finance industry is keen to draw MBA graduates to its fold is because of their knowledge and skills in diverse subjects including key topics like corporate valuation, investment management, taxation, tax planning and management control system apart from analysis and reporting of financial services. The IILM University is one such MBA school in Delhi which trains students in all this along with global exposure.

Furthermore, an MBA degree program provides students with opportunity to undertake specialisation in a particular field of their interest by selecting from a range of options such as Marketing, Finance, International Business, Human Resource Management, Operation Management, Information Technology (IT), Supply Chain Management, Rural Management and Entrepreneurship.

Today an MBA graduate has a full range of opportunities waiting for them once they hit the job market and all they have to do is grab those opportunities. There are exciting careers in financial consultancies, financial institutions and banks. One can get into fields like merchant banking, investment and consumer banking, international finance, corporate finance and institutional finance.  Upon gaining work experience, they can also serve in government committees, giving valuable insights on important issues of concern and taking proactive role in the process of policy-making. They can also provide consultation services to government as well as corporate organisations.

As a degree, MBA with specialisation in Finance is the most popular because it provides maximum scope and potential in terms of career. The degree has the two magic components ‘finance’ and ‘management’, covered extensively in its curriculum. This opens up a range of opportunities in various sectors including banking and financial services, investment banking, management consulting, insurance, wealth management, asset finance, and hedge fund management.

MBA graduates with specialisation in Finance can get recruited directly upon completion of course in important company positions like Accounting Manager, Finance Officer, Investment Banker. They can rise up the corporate ladder through experience and take on more challenging and responsible roles like Insurance & Risk Managers, Credit Analyst, Financial Analyst and also Chief Financial Officer, VP (Finance) and Finance Director in few years’ time. When it comes to salary, the best MBA colleges in Delhi and also India at large, are known for providing students with placements at an average salary of 10 to 15 lakh per annum, which is quite a sum to begin with.

What would be the nature of jobs offered to MBA degree holders in the finance industry? In the corporate sector, finance is all about ensuring that funds are available for a company to continue with its various business operations into the future. So MBA professionals would be expected to study and forecast economic trends, balance risk and profitability, analyse company reports and suggest improvements from time to time. Their roles and responsibilities may also extend to managing funds by choosing investment portfolios, taking measures to maximise stock value and apply the principles of financial risk management.


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